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My name is Erik Pintar, and this is a blog chronicling my life's thoughts, experiences, and journeys through poetry, prose, and other forms of media that I've created.

This blog doesn't shy away from depth and is meant to be vulnerable so that you may see through me, through my experiences, and into the things that have shaped the core of my being.

This blog comes out of my belief that our life has this purpose: to glorify and worship God by living in obedience to his will for our life as revealed through the life of Jesus Christ on earth and through his Spirit who presently lives in all that believe in him.

In essence, this blog is a place for me to share. To be authentic and real in who I am. Who I am in my faith, who I am on this earth, and to share thoughts and experiences along that continuing development (we will never be anything but a beginner, I believe).

I also think to keep your convictions and being willing to show them to others is to be more fully yourself. Only then can we more fully learn from others' experiences. And to really take part in that, we have to be the ones to begin, to initiate.

So may these posts and the posts to come initate this journey of being more fully myself in this online space to lead to real world spaces of consideration and courage.

My hope is you may be blessed, enriched, and encouraged in what you find here.

Erik Pintar
February 26, 2016

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